Monday, July 29, 2013

Genticorum -- Enrigistre Live

I try to avoid reading press releases before listening to an album, but this time I was too curious not to. What was the deal with this band's name? What does "enrigistré" mean?

Turns out, Genticorum (JAWN-ti-corum) plays Quebecois folk music, and "enrigistré" means "recorded." Also, it turns out, that even though Genticorum is internationally acclaimed for their music, this album, recorded in 2013, is the first time they played their hometown. Ever.

Not that the music wouldn't be pleasant or spirited performed elsewhere, but audience matters. It's a pleasure to hear Genticorum's happiness. So even though this is not the kind of music normally found here, I thought it was worth bringing to your attention. This is an uplifting recording, and it belongs here.

Genticorum -- Official, ReverbNation, Facebook, Spotify, Buy Enrigistré Live from Groove-Inc (North America), Propper Music (UK and Europe), iTunes

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