Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maynard and the Musties -- West

Maynard and the Musties sound like kicking road dust off your boots and spitting out the grit of your teeth. Tough stuff, but satisfying because you know you've reached your destination and you're about to pour yourself a tall tumbler of whiskey.

If you're lucky, you're the hero of this western: the mysterious stranger with a thousand stories behind your eyes. Or maybe you're just a wino. But at least you're sitting.

Either way, Maynard's tales of love and woe will keep your cup filled and make your eyes a little teary. The four songs in West have an enigmatic, careworn atmosphere so palpable you could cut it with a knife. Congrats to Maynard and his Musties. May a full-length album be forthcoming.

Maynard and the Musties -- ReverbNation, Facebook, Bandcamp

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  1. These kids already have a full length, Cheap Cigar. And it is incredible. Great review of a fantastic band. Rock on!