Friday, July 26, 2013

Whitney Lockert -- Songs Of An Afternoon

I'll keep this short and sweet, given yesterday's post. (This is what happens when I go for a long walk before writing.)

I saw Whitney perform with Robb and the Handsome Few, and all of the nice things I said about them apply to Whitney. He's a consummate performer, and Songs From an Afternoon shows that his songwriting skills match his showmanship.

The guy's got a helluva voice and a deep appreciation for old-school country. Some of these songs are straight-up rockers, others are ballads. "Rupert Murdoch" is a quirky little protest ballad, or something. But it's what brought me in to see the bands perform regardless. According to his Facebook page, Whitney's working on a new album. I'm looking forward to more of his gems seeing the light of day.

Whitney Lockert -- Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp

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