Friday, August 30, 2013

Hezekiah Goode -- Two Billion Acres of Salt

It's not hard to imagine Hezekiah Goode riding along the plain, running down a stray bull with a lasso in hand.

Or whatever.

He just sounds so much like what a cowboy should that I feel like that's just where he should be out on the ranch, not in a recording booth. But we're all better for it.

Two Billion Acres of Salt deserves a much more careful listening than I've been able to give it, what with preparing for school in two weeks and all. But even the first song, "A Fence of Colorado Stone," is rich with amazing lyrics and careful storytelling (I never thought I'd hear the word "circumvent" in a song, much less one about a lustful heifer who is often found far afield.)

Goode is a songwriter with a commanding presence, one we don't often see anymore. He's a mighty storyteller who can just as easily tease a laugh from you as he can a tear. His music pays homage to the original country greats without mimicking or sounding derivative. His voice is his own, and it's pretty great to listen to you.

A Fence of Colorado Stone

Two Billion Acres of Salt

Go Easy On the Ethanol

Hezekiah Goode -- Official, Buy Two Billion Acres of Salt on CD Baby

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