Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meg Olsen -- Deal From the Bottom

Meg Olsen's debut EP, Deal From the Bottom, is an impressive start.

A former film industry grunt and current fashion writer, Olsen saw the light and began to make music. We should be glad she did.

In case the cover art is not worth a thousand words to you, Olsen's brand of folk pop is an ethereal affair, evidenced by her cover of Morrisey's "Suedehead." But this is not more whimsical hipster fare. Even without knowing her back story, you get the impression that Olsen fucking worked on this music -- everything is purposeful, never lazy or apathetic.

Olsen recently raised enough money through Kickstarter to record a full album. I am sure she'll be coming soon to an NPR affiliate near you.

Meg Olsen -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes

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