Monday, August 5, 2013

Rick Adams -- No Cover At the Door

Unfortunately, we don't have time machines (yet.) So the closest you're going to get to an old timey roadhouse is going to have to be Rick Adams's new solo album, No Cover at the Door.

This is a really fun album. I was in a slightly sour mood when I listened to it and No Cover at the Door quickly cured me of it. Adams' love for Americana is hard to miss. His songs sound so much like the old stuff, I thought for sure some of these songs were covers. No Cover at the Door is an exuberant tribute to old-timey music.

She Got Caboose
I'm Gonna Buy You a Shrimp Boat
Liberer L'amour (Bust the Lock)

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  1. I have heard some advance cuts, this Cd is fantastic!

  2. Probably my favorite CD purchased this year. It's the home grown tomato full of flavor that you rediscover after years of eating the bland stuff from the supermarket.