Monday, August 26, 2013

Will Schwartz -- New Haircut

Will Schwartz is a lyrical ninja.

I actually listened to New Haircut a few months ago and took a pass on it. I didn't really need to listen to another sad Brooklyn boy play his guitar. But that was stupid of me. A few months later, by chance and circumstance, New Haircut landed in my Inbox again. And Will Schwartz took out a garrote and slit my throat.

Figuratively, of course.

But with lyrics like "I held her/With the best part of me" and "I dream of Jesus/With a neck tattoo" embedded in trie-and-true folk melodies, how could you not get taken off guard?

Schwartz is destined for big things. You better hop on board. Or he'll take you out next.

Will Schwartz -- Facebook, Profile on Monkfish Records, Profile on the HuffPo (???), Buy New Haircut on Bandcamp, Monkfish Records

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