Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Left Lane Cruiser -- Rock Them Back to Hell!

Gott damm this is amazing, hair-curling stuff.

Left Lane Cruiser has been tearing up the pavement with their freakish garage blues for some time now. Today, they release their third studio album.

At first I was a little dubious of the slutty Union zombie (seriously? What do you even do with boobs like that?) but Rock Them Back to Hell! is all killer, no silicone. (Except for the CD, I guess.) Freddy J IV's squalling vocals and Brenn Beck's "trash" drum kit (it really is made of trash) create an unearthly sound that's simultaneously sublime in it's perfection and unholy in its blistering sensuality.

Zombie Blocked


Paralyze Ya

Left Lane Cruiser -- Facebook, Purchase from Alive NaturalSounds Records, Purchase special collector's bundle from Bomp

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