Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sarah Alden and the Red Hot Rubies -- Fists of Violets

The pulsing rhythms on Fists of Violets' titular track are enough to make you acknowledge that Sarah Alden is, indeed, one of a kind.

Alden, hailing from the only metropolis in this great country worthy of the title*, deftly combines Appalachia, old time, Balkan, and punk in a stunning combination of songs. She could easily go toe for toe with Corin Tucker in "Dink's Tune," a reinterpretation of an old John Lomax recording.

Even without the liner notes (you mean you don't read those?), Alden's respect for her source material is obvious. While one could find a comparison to Regina Spektor's lyrical playfulness and "gypsy" influences, Alden's got more substance and two feet planted firmly on the ground. (That's not a knock on Spektor -- I'm just saying that Alden's more earthy.) In all honesty, I owe you all an apology for not getting this review out sooner.

Sarah Alden -- Official, Bandcamp, Facebook

*New York

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