Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Greencards -- Sweetheart of the Sun

Memorandum to all musicians: your followup albums do not need to be somber! It doesn't necessarily make you more mature or artistic, though I guess getting older does make people sadder?

Returning to a theme, The Greencards' newest album, Sweetheart of the Sun, is markedly more subdued than their previous release, The Brick Album. It's a fun, sometimes raucous album that you should check out post-haste. But now I'll dive into this album's merits.

The Greencards' founding members, mandolinist Kym Warner and singer Carol Young are Aussies who have found themselves in the heart of America. Certainly, there are English and Irish influences in their meditative bluegrass that adds a richer quality to their sound. Warner's singing is nothing short of perfect. She brings us to new heights, helps us recall sweet memories, and makes us want to cry into the bottom of our glass. It may not have been what I was expecting, but Sweetheart of the Sun is a remarkable album.

Once and Gone

Forever Mine

Wide Eyed Immigrant

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