Monday, September 16, 2013

Zachary Lucky -- The Ballad of Losing You

Zachary Lucky's new album is a stunner. The Sasketchawan native brings the lonely, wide open spaces to his music. He's as lonely cowboy as you can get.

The Ballad of Losing You is, in essence, a breakup album. It's stark and perfectly minimalistic. You know, so you can feel Zachary's soul (and your own) leaching away but, of course, recovering with due time.

This is an album best listened to by yourself on a rainy Sunday, maybe with a glass of wine. (Probably with a glass of wine.)

Ballad of Losing You gave me plenty of Feelings, but the big takeaway was this: Zachary Lucky's music is what country music should always sound like.

And you can preorder it now! (The album will be released tomorrow.)

Zachary Lucky -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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