Monday, October 7, 2013

Austin Lucas -- Stay Reckless

Austin Lucas hits the nail on the head yet again.

But first, I want to talk about something that doesn't really matter. I'm a pretty tactile person, and I enjoy getting CDs in the mail. I like opening the envelopes. So I'll just say, very briefly, that the CD's packaging is really quite beautiful. I was home sick the other day and, while examining the booklet, I had to fight a strong urge to lick the thing. (I'm not even joking. Maybe I did have a bit of a fever.)

Lucas is a national treasure on his own, but with Glossary serving as his backing band, Lucas is resplendent. National press may not take note of the serendipitous duo (but yay New York Times review!) but both entities are the best in the biz, and there's no reason you shouldn't drop everything to get this album into your warm little hands.

The song mostly documents the decay of Lucas's most recent marriage. Like A New Home in the Old World, it took a devastating breakup for me to truly appreciate Austin's work. And, well, I haven't been married yet or really lived enough, to be honest, for the work to really resonate with me. It sure sounds pretty, though.

Austin Lucas -- Official, Purchase, Stream for Free on American Songwriter

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