Friday, October 25, 2013

Doc Feldman and the LD50 -- Sundowning at the Station

Well, it looks like I've once again be scooped by the inestimable Charles Hale over at Ninebullets. To be fair, I have a "to do" list that is typically two months behind, so this review was coming whether or not Ninebullets thought it was cool.

For an album that was released in the height of summer, Sundowning at the Station is bleak. I happened to listen to it for the fiftieth time in three days this afternoon while reading an article about a press bus that took a wrong turn in Pyongyang, giving the international press access to how the average North Korean really lived. It looks like the pictures were taken in midwinter. Between the two, I had to look out my window just to make sure it was a glorious, cloudless autumn afternoon.

Feldman's spare music, haunting lyrics, and warm yet world-weary voice create a world that is both melancholy and somehow comforting. Life is harsh and lonely, sure, but we'll get through. There's a reason we keep going, even if Doc hasn't quite figured it out yet.

By far one of the finest albums of the year -- you'll see this again in a few months.

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