Monday, October 21, 2013

Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats -- On This Very Evening

At last, Boise has something to be proud of.*

Let me explain to you how enjoyable On This Very Evening is. For some reason, the songs kept repopulating into my media player's library. Eventually, each song was duplicated onto the playlist twice as I listened to the whole thing the first time through.

I knew it was doing that.

And I didn't care at all.

Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats are the kind of band that will play at your wedding, and then get in a fight with the groom's dad (according to their press materials, this actually happened.) But you wouldn't know it from the soulful crooning on their latest release. This is inventive alt-country at its finest. Best of all, you can name your own price on their website.

 Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats -- Official, Facebook, Purchase from site, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify

*Zing! to my college roommate.

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