Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stoll Vaughan -- Living Record (Vol. 1)

If you're a musician submitting music to me, all you really have to do is say "John Mellencamp" and my heart will melt. So to read that Stoll Vaughan has not only opened for the man himself, but has also contributed music to True Blood (which, you have to admit, has a killer soundtrack no matter the quality of the actual writing) I had to take a listen.

Living Record is part of a series produced by Vaughan's own record label. As you can imagine, it's a live album, which serves to capture the wild energy in Vaughan's performance. I did not adore the more raucous songs like "Need You," personally, but Vaughan's punk delivery and country voice were plenty of ear candy for me. I'm looking forward to listening to his full albums.

Stoll Vaughan -- Official, Facebook, Download The Living Record

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