Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Communal Well -- Under a Western Sky

As one Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter put it at a recent Queer Country Monthly, country isn't about where you're from. It's about your attitude. The Communal Well, a Paris-based blues-rock sextet, couldn't prove the point better.

These gents have got the swagger of fifteen cowboys. In spite of one rape-y lyric ("Don't be a bitch" and scratch my "itch") The Communal Well is spot-on in terms of tone and attitude. This is a fun album, to be sure, no matter which side of the Atlantic it comes from.

The Communal Well -- Facebook, Bandcamp

(EDIT: The Communal Well is a sextet, not a trio.)

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  1. Thanks folks. If you'd like to follow the band or come to one of our upcoming gigs around Europe you can get all the info you need over at