Monday, November 11, 2013

Andrea Tomasi -- Hurricane Dream

Andrea Tomasi's Hurricane Dream holds a special significance for me, which may or may not have affected the way I received the album. Interestingly, the original recording session for the album was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene (this was about two summers ago, at roughly the same time there was that giant earthquake in DC. It took out a lot of upstate New York.) So instead, Tomasi and her engineers set up shop in the Shawangunk Mountains. The music is augmented by the birdsong of upstate New York.

My grandparents used to live up in Woodstock, so the background noise, combined with Tomasi's staggeringly beautiful lyrics (inspired by the great Pablo Neruda) and transcendent melodies calls to mind my happiest memories.

But even if you haven't played at the foot of the Catskills for hours, I hope it's enough to say that this record is dreamy without being New Age-y bullshit. Music is as much about taking you places you haven't been as it is about unlocking truths within yourself. Hurricane Dream  did both for me.


Hurricane Dream


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