Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DK and the Joy Machine -- Love Harder

Before I begin with my usual captivating wit, I want to take a moment to recognize that this is officially Adobe & Teardrops' 301st article. Thanks for reading, taking the time to comment, liking on Facebook, giving suggestions, etc. etc.

I encountered DK at what is hands-down my favorite NYC event, Queer Country Monthly. (Cute butchies and country music. The only thing to make it perfect is if it happened during a teacher convention.) If you love live music (and you do) it is very much worth your while to attend. Don't worry, they don't check for your gay card at the door.

Back in September I had the privilege to see DK and her Joy Machine, which is to say her Appalachian dulcimer, perform. Here's my favorite song from the set (and maybe you can hear my obnoxious cheering in the background.)

DK's won awards the world over for her dulcimer playing. It may sound tinny on your computer speakers, and the video may not look like much, but sitting in a room of fifty or so completely silent people while listening to the unearthly sounds coming from that box was absolutely the most intense live music performance I've witnessed. It's not just her chops, though. DK brings a punk sensibility to traditional music that helps keep her craft fresh and vibrant.

As I write this, I'm waiting to hear back from DK to see if you can purchase the album online. In the meantime, you can stream from ReverbNation and download "Shy One."

DK and the Joy Machine --Facebook, ReverbNation

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