Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jay Woodward -- Letters We Told

There's something about Jay Woodward's Letters We Told that just seeps into your skin.

You'll hear that it's rather unusual fare for this blog, but I couldn't not be fascinated by Woodward's experimental acoustic music.

Jay may be based out of LA, but his Rochester upbringing clearly has a massive influence on the sonic landscape Woodward creates. While at first glance his rhythms may sound monotonous, there's all kinds of diversity and color as you look closer. (My friend at RIT can attest to this. He always complains about how bored he is up there but, to be honest, there are weekends when he has much more fun than I do.)

Letters We Told is dreamy, and at times a little bizarre ("Don't Fall Asleep" seriously creeps me out), but altogether unique. This blog is all about bringing attention to people who genuinely have stories to tell. Woodward is one of those people.

Jay Woodward -- Official, Facebook, Google+, Bandcamp

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