Monday, December 16, 2013

Anchor Bends -- First Four Songs

The other night I watched the American Country Awards because I...

a) am a masochist
b) had two 90-minute lesson plans to create for an increasingly hostile class
c) wanted to see what was going on in lamestream country
d) have an unhealthy obsession with Nashville and wanted to see the IRL pageantry
e) all of the above

But really it was to remind myself why I write this blog. Anchor Bends is very much why this blog exists.

Anchor Bends is glass bottle-smashing, tinnitus-inducing rock'n'roll. None of us here would have it any other way, right?

These four short songs portend of great things to come. "Kiss Me" grabbed my ears and heart strings -- I guess I have a thing for lurve songs, no matter how distorted -- but the other three are The Stuff as well. Anchor Bends have catapulted themselves to the top of my favorite new artists list of this year. Click the ol' play button to find out why.

(PS -- I didn't mind seeing Danica Patrick in a showgirl costume at the ACAs. Just saying.)

Anchor Bends -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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