Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Drop Top Lincoln -- Sixxx Dollar Suit

Those of you playing along at home may have noticed that the music that's been featured here lately has been sad bastard music-ish. Not even sad bastard, really. More like thoughtful bastard, or musing bastard.

Eff that noise, though. I want to kick things into high gear next year and I'm happy to let Drop Top Lincoln get things started for us.

The Colorado-based quarter blasts high-octane roots rock like no tomorrow. They like to describe themselves as "gutterbilly," which works for me. It's a little growly and a little skeevier than your usual rockabilly fare, nor do they wink at faux retro stylings. Drop Top Lincoln really is in love with the cars and bars and strippers they like to sing about. As one reviewer put it, "As soon as I heard these...songs, I grew a beard and became drunk."

Wish I could grow the beard, but at least I can get myself drunk, and Sixxx Dollar Suit will be my soundtrack.

Primer Grey Ford

Six Dollar Suit


Droptop Lincoln -- Official, Facebook, Buy Sixxx Dollar Suit

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  1. Love them, They were kind enough to let me use two of thier songs for an event I was involved with in October!