Monday, January 20, 2014

Careless Hearts -- Alum Rock

Alum Rock starts off conventionally enough -- jangly guitars and drums. But the first couplet is a little jarring:

We're like potatoes in a basement
With tendrils growing in every direction

Uh...what? I thought this was a pop rock song?

It's the little surprises that make Careless Hearts' third album so enjoyable. What's reliable is the quality of each song on the album; Careless Hearts knock it out of the park each time.

Careless Hearts revel in the 90's-style alt rock and country, which means I revel in it too. A rising tide lifts all boats, people. What strikes me about Careless Hearts (or at least this album) is their love of rock'n'roll. "Lifeline" is a ballad dedicated to another inspiring singer-songwriter (one can only guess who.) But I'm in love with "Blown Away." At first glance, it could easily be another song about boozin' and cruisin', but the Careless Hearts are too smart for that.

Get your wallet
Let's roll out
Won't take long to get downtown
All I want is just to get blown away

It'd be nice if we met some girls
But I need something that rocks my world
All I want is a chance to get blown away

Sing me something new
Sing me something true
Pull me right up to the stage
That's all I want to feel
If you do right
I won't let you down

This song captures why I'm here and why you're here.

The Careless Hearts seem to be impressing the heck out of the entire state of California, and it's easy to see why. It's time to let them blow you away, too.

Push the World

The Righteous World

Blown Away

Careless Hearts -- Official, Facebook, Store

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