Friday, January 17, 2014

Hank Woji -- Holy Ghost Town

Sometimes you just need a bread-and-butter, honest-to-God country song. No tricks, no affectations, no superbly hidden self-consciousness. Sometimes, you just need a song. For those times, Hank Woji is your man.

Though a Jersey native, Woji's clearly in his element in the Texan sun. Whether he's celebrating his new hometown in "Terlingua Blues" or waxing philosophical in the folk rocker "Beneath the Golden Moon," Woji's got the confidence and the chops to effortlessly carry each song's weight. As my kids might say, you get the sense that Woji's been "in it deep." He's got the perfect, road-worn voice that every 20-year-old rock'n'roller would kill to have, but the life experience to temper its edge. Holy Ghost Town is a solid example of today's Americana, and proof of why we should be optimistic for the future of our music community.

Terlingua Blues

Beneath the Golden Moon

Holy Ghost Town

Hank Woji -- Official, Facebook, CDBaby, MyTexas Music

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