Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nudie -- Remember This

Sometimes a song or an album falls into your lap that so perfectly captures your mood or current life predicament, you didn't know how you were able to manage without it.

For better or worse, that song for me was Nudie's "Sex Kisses," a tale of the misadventures of what us millenials like to call "friends with benefits."

"Sex Kisses" has a pleasantly rockabilly tinge, but Remember This is pure cowboy. Songs of loss, cheating (all Nudie), and regret. It's good for a Sunday afternoon meditation. The songs could've come from the golden age of country, unless you listen closely enough to pick up the references to smart phones and the Internet. Nudie's got a whip-smart wit. Remember This is worth at least five to fifty (plus) listens.

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