Friday, February 14, 2014

The Modern Folk -- American Cave

Is today a special day or something? I'm immune to pink and red today.

What I'm not immune to is cool ideas. This post is not just about an artist, it's also about a music blog.

J. Moss, blogger over at the modern folk music of america has a badass vision. As Moss wrote to me, music recorded in bedrooms, basements, and closets -- no matter the genre -- is the new truly populist, DIY music of our age. His blog is a platform for all comers (as long as they're not represented by a PR company.) It's not for Moss to editorialize -- he just wants to publicize. There are some really cool folks featured over there. It's worth your time to browse.

As for Moss's music, it's hella fun. Fuzzy, forlorn vocals, drum machines (?), and jangly synths. It's absolutely a DIY album, so stay away if you like your stuff meticulously mixed and leveled. (More importantly, if you like over-produced music, why are you even here?) American Cave is very much an album about youth and feeling misplaced. And if isolation and regret aren't a timeless part of folk music, I dunno what is.

Modern Folk -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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