Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Red Eye Gravy -- Dustbowl Hangover

To be perfectly honest, I haven't had a chance to listen to Dustbowl Hangover all the way through, but I didn't really need to. This is the stuff. The shit-kickin', sing-it-from-your gut stuff.

These boys from Oklahoma tear through their cowpunk ballads. I'll paint a picture for you. I was grading class work (always) alone in my room and decided to crank the album up on Spotify. The manic energy made me want to break something. Then my work bestie sent me a text to find out what I was up to. I wrote back "Well, now I'm listening to a song called 'Crackhead Lullaby.'"

Which, as it turns out, was actually a rather tender song.

Red Eye Gravy reminds me of Cross Canadian Ragweed, but only as far as their gallows humor. Where CCR was a little sad and lonely, Red Eye Gravy karate chops these feelings with thrash metal-worthy licks.

Lonely Boy

Crackhead Lullaby

Red Eye Gravy -- Official, Facebook, Purchase Dustbowl Hangover

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