Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two Cow Garage -- These Are The Things

We're finally back. There's no other way to say that the past ten days have been absolutely hellacious. Time Warner telling me that I'd be out of interwebs for a week was the least of my problems (I got it back the next day, btw.) Too little too late was the motto of last week and I had to bump this here project to the side. The updates will be minimal this week as well since I'm still getting on my feet.

So I could talk about how I finally worked up the nerve to introduce myself to Micah after the Philly show, how I thanked him for speaking his truth and how I recognized the validation on his face -- after all, it's the expression I wear when my kids sincerely thank me for doing my job. I could talk about how my own maturing has mirrored that of the band (at least by the time they record the songs they roadtest), and that this new song is really no different. I'd then explain just why it's so important to me that the new song features a queer- and trans*-friendly verse. I'd also note that Shane recently wrote a song about Laura Jane Grace, and that it's cool but a little creepy that the two of them seem to live inside my brain.

But I put way too much effort into getting this video off my phone and onto the Internet, so here's your goddamn video.

And if you're at work where YouTube is blocked or prefer Quicktime, here's a link because maybe I do love you just a little bit.

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