Friday, April 11, 2014

4H Royalty -- Liars and Outliars

Oh man, did I ever need an album like Liars and Outliars. Denver's 4H Royalty has been championed on better blogs than here and it's truly a gross oversight of mine to not have looked into them earlier. Liars and Outliars may have come out last year but it is certainly one of my favorite albums this year.

My biggest regret, though, is reading the lyrics before listening to the songs all the way through. 4H Royalty sounds like a simple alt-country bar band at first glance, but they're so much more (I asked Ninebullets writer and Ajax Diner Book Club host Charles Hale to recommend some punchier music for the blog, and here we are.) Zach Boddicker's capacity for perverse humor is only matched by his ability to spin a story through verse. Trust me on this one -- don't read the lyrics; the punchlines are just too good to spoil.

4H Royalty --Official, Bandcamp

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