Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Banded Stilts -- Little Village

I'll just start with this one: Little Village is a thing of beauty.

The opening track, "The End of February" is a stunner and it only gets better from there. The intimacy of the first few lines says it all:

If you listen closely in the kitchen
You can hear the pigeons coo
They made a home inside a home
As creatures often do

The song gradually unfolds into the story of a failed relationship. But Banded Stilts isn't in a rush to get anywhere in particular. Little Village tells the story of a Newfoundland fishing village. The album is replete with nautical imagery: sailing, fishing, mermaids, giant squids.


Yeah. It's a meandering album with a few fisherman's tales to spin. To be honest, I passed on it the first time but it somehow landed in my inbox again. This album is a grower, but you'll be happy to let it into your heart.

Banded Stilts -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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