Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roxie Watson -- Songs From Hell's Hollow

Last night I made the decision to listen to FM radio. I haven't surfed the radio in a good year or so and these were my findings:

  • The Spanish-language stations ALMOST outnumber the English stations in New York City. It might even be a 1:1 ratio.
  • There is a country music station in New York City. When did that happen?
  • No matter the language or genre, the music is loud and simplistic.
It's a good thing Roxie Watson is around to keep my faith in music. Their third release, Songs From Hell's Hollow, picks up the temperature in comparison to their previous releases.

I've been super jazzed about Roxie Watson since Sonia Tetlow hinted that she was in the studio a few years ago. The group has flourished and seems to be getting noticed in the bluegrass world. All five members contribute songs to the project. While everyone has a distinctive songwriting voice, the group gels together in a way that's truly rare. It makes sense, though -- Roxie Watson started off as a song swap between friends, and they did us a favor by recording the music.

While choosing a favorite song on this album is kind of like choosing a favorite student (I do have favorites, but most of my students are simultaneously my favorites? Shhhhh don't tell) I'd have to say that Lenny's songs on all three albums have a special place in my heart. Lenny's sense self-effacing humor and straightforward approach certainly speak to me. (Also one day when I grow up and I guess smoke 10,000 cigarettes my singing voice is going to be just as cool as Lenny's.) That being said, there's a song for every season on Hell's Hollow. If you like your music lovingly crafted, intelligent, and honest...then why are you reading this blog?

Ha. No. Go buy this.

Give It Time
Double Wide

Roxie Watson -- OfficialFacebook, CDBaby, Louisiana Music Factory

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