Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Benny No-Good -- I Am You

Benny No-Good, like many of the gents on this blog, started his music career as a punk rocker. If you're from the Midwest, you may know him as the frontman for Indiana hardcore band The Enders. If not, you'll enjoy Benny's debut solo EP.

With all due respect to Benny, I see some room for extra polish here. Some of the songs, like "I Am You," seem like they'd be more at home with a hard-driving post-grunge bass line than with an acoustic guitar. Other songs like "Children of the Gael" showcase Benny's departure from punk. It's fast-paced and forceful but it doesn't sound like just another folk song. Or rock song. It exists on its own and I look forward to seeing Benny continue to follow that impulse as he grows as a songwriter.

Benny No-Good --Facebook, ReverbNation, Bandcamp

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