Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fire Mountain -- All Dies Down

I'm glad that Fire Mountain found a home for its latest record, All Dies Down. You may remember I tried to get you guys to throw some money at the band a few weeks back. I was unsuccessful and the campaign didn't reach its goal. Fortunately, This Is American Music has released the record and I simply can't think of a better pairing.

All Dies Down is everything I've come to expect from Fire Mountain. Passion, a good dose of mystery, and some moody Appalachian roots. However, the band stretches itself on songs like "Factory Line" and the angular "Fortress." Fire Mountain does a beautiful job of blending indie pop elements into its roots music. This isn't gimmicky at all -- it's just a band continuing to grow. I know I'll be humming "Fortress" for quite some time to come.

Fire Mountain -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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