Thursday, June 5, 2014

American Opera

I'm such a fuck-up. American Opera (a.k.a. John Bee) and Sad and French opened for Two Cow Garage back in February. I didn't take the time to research American Opera and skipped the set. I spoke with Bee after the show. He was so sweet that I pretended that I had been at the set but cheaped out and bought only one of his EPs.

Then it sat on my nightstand for a few days.

After the first verse of "Bright Lights & Amplifiers" I realized that I really fucked up.

American Opera is not necessarily cutting edge. If you're reading this, I'm sure you're quite familiar guys who sport punk rock haircuts, acoustic guitars, and an unwavering commitment to rock'n'roll. But not everyone sounds as good doing it as Bee, and not everyone has Bee's sensitive attention to detail.

And most people don't have Bee's sincerity. I'm not talking about the guts'n'glory approach bands like Two Cow Garage and I Can Lick Any SOB In The House. At first I was a little surprised to hear someone sing about God and country unironically and without cynicism. (See "The Only Things That Matter To Me.") That's a rare gift for a 20-something in this age.

While I've spent more time listening to Demo/Listen, Your Songs and the live EP are also excellent. They inspire me to look at the world a little more faithfully and hopefully. And it's certainly inspired me to drop ten more dollars to complete my collection.

American Opera -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp 

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