Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tattletale Saints -- How Red Is the Blood

"Kathleen," the lead track off of the Tattletale Saints' debut album, is love at first listen.

The duo have an uncanny chemistry, not unlike the Civil Wars (though hopefully with much more longevity.) The New Zealander duo actually met in London and now call Nashville home. The album was helmed by bluegrass legend Tim O'Brien, though it has an overall jazzy feel.

Bassist and vocalist Vanessa McGowan is nothing less than sublime, though Cy Wynstanley's warm, gritty voice brings her closer to the mortal realm. Their unhurried arrangements will immediately win you over. This isn't just music you sit and listen to -- it's meant to be listened to on a porch in the corner of your local watering hole (not the divey one, the one you'd take your family to.)

For me, the standout song is "Molly" -- a song about a once-in-a-lifetime love, Wynstanley's poetic bent shines. It's easily the best song of the year.

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