Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Teenager -- The Magic of True Love

Just in time for the summer, Bevan Herbekian (nee Teenager) has delivered us an ice cream sundae of a power pop album. You've actually heard Teenager's work on here before -- he plays bass for M. Lockwood Porter. However, Teenager's own work is quite distinct from the kind of stuff usually found here.

That's actually the story of this album. Herbekian's spent his share of time in other bands, but this is his first solo effort, recorded entirely by himself, in his house, on his terms. The exuberance behind the songs can't be denied and is infectious. There's also a good deal of skillful layering in Herbekian's songwriting. While the songs could be taken as impassioned (teenaged?) declarations of feeling, there's a wry undercurrent that suggests the magic of true love might not be all that magical after all. Fortunately, an album like this reminds us of the magic of great music.

Teenager -- Download mp3s for free on Soundcloud or name your price for multiple formats on Bandcamp

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