Monday, August 11, 2014

Christopher Denny -- If the Roses Don't Kill Us

A voice like Christopher Denny's only comes about once in a generation. I'm not just referring to Denny's signature androgynous warble. Denny's lived a hard life, to be sure, and that shows through on these songs. But they're not what you'd expect -- the kind of gruff, "I-did-it-my-way" anthems. These are careful, fragile ballads -- a tentative approach to sobriety that I'm grateful I don't need to experience.

Denny showcases his southern roots by focusing on a minimalist Southern soul sound. The effect is to cast him as a gospel preacher exhorting his audience in the art of salvation through somber meditation. It's more "amen" than "hallelujah," but that's usually how life is.

Christopher Denny --Official, Facebook, Purchase from Partisan Records

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