Monday, August 18, 2014

Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards -- Distance

Did you know that Teen Wolf is a thing? Apparently it, people watch it. And I assume people listen to it, because Dan Michaelson's newest album is already sold out, even though it only goes on sale today. Dan's previous releases have been celebrated on Pitchfork and, more prestigiously, was interviewed here on Adobe & Teardrops on Friday.

Distance is the first album of Michaelson's that I've listened to -- not that I need Pitchfork's endorsement -- but I can say that it lives up to his fan's expectations. This album feels intensely personal, not least because Michaelson's distinctive, brooding voice is justly featured front and center. Michaelson has a singular vision that you may not like, but you'd have to at least respect. These songs feel more like spoken word with musical accompaniment than what you'd expect from a rock album. Certainly, this is in keeping with the way Michaelson described his process in the previous interview -- he uses a phrase as a starting point to build the music around. As a result, these songs end up having a literary quality that is truly worth a deep listen.

(EDIT: The DELUXE version of the album is sold out. You can still get your own copy at the link below.)

Dan Michaelson -- Official, Facebook, Purchase Distance

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