Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Holy Ghost Electric Show -- The Great American

The other day, Corey Flegel from This is American Music sent me a press copy for the label's latest addition, The Holy Ghost Electric Show. Before I even listened to it, I wrote Corey a response:

I think by now anyone who reads the blog knows that Corey consistently seeks out and provides amazing music to the rest of us.

The Holy Ghost Electric Show is no exception. Hailing from Mississippi (but not from the famous part of Mississippi,) the band is led by brothers Jake and Cody Rogers. Their daddy was a preacher in some rough-and-tumble parts of town. They approach their rock'n'roll with the same religious fervor.

The Holy Ghost Electric Show has earned a reputation for burn-down-the-barn live shows. It's easy to imagine that energy by listening to the album. A deft combination of indie rock, Southern flair, gospel, and a horn and string section, the music here alternates between somber reflection and raucous joy.

If this is the band's debut album, then I'm excited to see where they go as they continue to hone their skills.

The Holy Ghost Electric Show -- Bandcamp, Facebook, This is American Music

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