Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vintage Blue -- No Going Back

I posted a video by Chicago pop(s) band Vintage Blue a few months ago. Upon further reflection, Vintage Blue reminds me of vintage Fighting Gravity. I know that's an extremely cryptic reference -- you probably only know Fighting Gravity if you went to college in the Southeast or saw them tour with Cowboy Mouth a couple of times. They started out as a ska band and followed the various pop trends. I encountered them when they were following the Dave Matthews/Carbon Leaf jam band thing, except they did it better. The fact is, it's hard to get higher praise from me. Fighting Gravity was technically the first rock band I'd ever seen live and I've been in love with rock'n'roll ever since.

But that was the past. Let's talk about the present. The reason Vintage Blue brings Fighting Gravity is the band's poignant lyricism and warmth. (Also the horn section and harmonizing.) This is the kind of music that's pleasant to listen to...but when you actually listen to it, you realize there's a lot more depth than just a fun pop song. My personal favorite is "No Going Back" -- I guess I'm just a sucker for marching beats.

Vintage Blue -- Official, Facebook, Listen on Spotify, Purchase No Going Back on iTunes

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