Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brother Dege -- Scorched Earth Policy

Scorched Earth Policy really is just that -- a rock'n'roll tour de force that'll singe the little hairs on your arms and eyebrows. In this summer mixtape (which clocks in at over an hour), Brother Dege takes no prisoners and reminds us that there's a whole lot of ground that still needs to be covered in Southern rock.

Brother Dege is probably still coming off the high of having his music featured in Django Unchained and other TV shows that represent a warped version of Southern life. It makes sense -- Dege draws off his own upbringing in Louisiana backcountry to pay tribute to his elders, but there's something dark and compelling about his music that gives his interpretation of a time-honored genre a contemporary feel.

Scorched Earth Policy was inspired for Dege's fondness for Southern rap culture. Though those musical influences don't make it on here, their eclecticism does. This album is made up of studio recordings, covers, live recordings ("field recordings") and spoken word. It speaks to Dege's (feverish) imagination, something we can all benefit from.

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