Thursday, October 2, 2014

Field Report -- Marigolden

I always make a show of being befuddled by the music my students like to listen to, but sometimes it's not for sure. (I still don't understand why women lose their panties for Drake.) This time, when a student asked me what I listen to, I directed her here. When I explained what the site is and how over the years I've gotten tons of free stuff, I'm pretty sure I earned a few cool points in some of my students' eyes ("So does this mean you're rich?" Ha.)

One of the bands I got a sneak peek of recently was Field Report.

Field Report is on the more indie side of the indie-folk spectrum for sure -- but unlike so many of their peers, this band exploits the benefits of straddling the line to full effect. Amidst the spare, electronic drum beats, songwriter Chris Porterfield fills the spaces in between with painstakingly crafted lyrics that deliver huge payoffs to the attentive listener. More importantly, though, Porterfield's warm, earthy voice keeps the band from floating away on its otherworldliness. Porterfield reminds me of a young, high-tech Bill Mallonee -- in his hands, complex lyrics feel simple and homespun. Where most bands making similar music might come off as pretentious, Field Report keeps it honest but deceptively complicated.

Field Report -- Official, Stream on (ugh) Pitchfork, Preorder from Partisan Records or iTunes

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