Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Japan 2014: Saotome Satsuki

Here's another omiyage (souvenir) from Japan. These guys came on after the twenties (see below.) It was an experience, to say the least.

It might seem tame from the photo, but Saotome Satsuki is anything but. When these guys came on, they were a wall of pure sound and fury. And those Kyoto kids had no idea what to do with it. I've never seen such a stony response from an audience. In America, if a band really sucks, the audience will talk, play on their phones, or leave. In Japan (or at least Kyoto,) everyone stood around and stared, stony-faced, politely enduring the set without even applauding.

I don't know about you guys but I'd rather be ignored.

But here's the thing. Saotome Satuski does not suck. The audience just isn't ready for it. Even though it was a Friday night, I was easily the oldest person in the room with my 25 years. These songs are about the disappointments of young adulthood, and the kids just aren't there yet. Even with the language barrier, I totally got it and I was totally into it. Many of their songs sound like more traditional pop songs, and that's also why I fell in love with the band. Unlike most hardcore acts, there is a melody underneath all of the other stuff.

Oh, and speaking of falling in love...(you're gonna have to turn your computer sideways. Sorry.)

This is Isuzu. I'm in love. In addition to melting your face with her guitar, she's also charismatic as anything. I couldn't get a picture of it, but throughout the entire set she had the widest grin on her face. This is the childlike joy anyone who reads this blog feels at a rock concert, and it was clear from the second the lights went up to the moment they went down. (Dear Isuzu, if you ever want to move to America, you can totally marry me for a green card. It's legal here!) I'd like to think that if we had more musicians like Isuzu in the States, rock'n'roll would still be alive and well.

The band just released this video last week. It is absolutely worth watching the whole way through and (conveniently) has English subtitles. You'll also learn a brand new English word!

Saotome Satsuki -- Official (mostly in Japanese),


こちらも日本からお土産だよ!the twenties の後に、こいつ出した。すごく特別だった。。。

写真は静かにそうだけど、実は五月女五月は反対だ!出した時、音波から壁みたいでした。あの京都人はまごまごそうだった。 そういうオーディエンスリアクションを見たことがない。音楽が嫌いそうだった。アメリカで、バンドが好きじゃなったら、みんなは友達と話したり、形態をしたり、出かける。京都で、バンドが好きじゃなったら、なにもしない。アプラズでもしない。


とにかく、 五月女五月はまずいじゃない!でも、オーディエンスは歌うがわからなかったと思う。じつは、私は26際。あの日、金曜日だけど、私は最年長者だった。この歌うのテーマは二十歳時の問題んだ。そして、高校生はそういうことがわらかなかったと思う。とにかく、五月女五月が愛にしている。

といえば、こちらはいすゞだ。いすゞに愛している。いすゞさんはギターがすごく上手で、引いている時、いつも子供のように笑みしている。 (いすゞさん!ニューヨークへ住んでいたったら、私に結婚して、green card をもらえる!ニューヨークで同性愛結婚は法律上だ!)アメリカはいすゞのような音楽があったら、アメリカでrock'n'rollが一番人気があるはずだよ!

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