Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Japan 2014: the twenties

As I've mentioned a few times, I went to Japan this summer. I came back with a suitcase of CDs and a few live shows under my belt. For the rest of this week, I'm going to tell you about them. I'm going to keep the language as simple as I can so any Japanese readers out there can (hopefully) understand it. でもあとに、日本語に訳してみたいんですが。。。

Kyoto may be known for its traditional temples, but it's a thriving city in its own right. One club, mojo box, features punk rock every night. If you're a foreign tourist, they waive the cover. (But if you live here it's easy enough to fake it -- all I had to do was show them my passport.) However, they didn't seem super thrilled to see me. I guess this is what New York is like for tourists?

This was in the women's bathroom. I think it says "the toilet is beautiful"?
From what I can tell, here are the rules for Japanese rock concerts:

1. There is to be no shouting or cheering. Please quietly applaud after songs.

2. Do not make fists, devil horns, or any other threatening gestures. Instead, wave your hands. Making a gun with your fingers seems to be OK, though. (See video.)

3. This one applies to clubs, too: do not, under ANY circumstances, move your pelvis while you dance. (No wonder Japan has a population problem.)

After the concert, Ryo Takai, the lead singer, told me I was a "really good" dancer. Pray for Japan, ladies and gentlemen.

It's hard not to shake your booty (I have no idea how to translate that into Japanese) when a band like this comes on stage. (Note the girls' creepy unison while they dance.) Takai is simply too cool to give a shit. In the first few songs, he lolled on the stage extravagantly, mumbling lyrics and ignoring the audience. But as they got deeper into their set, Takai ditched his bored act and gave a punk rock performance that was one for the books. The rest of the band was just as fun and ass-kicking. And, like, any indie band worth its salt, approachable and friendly after the show.

Next time you're in Tokyo, look these guys up. Here's their latest music video:

the twenties -- Official, Facebook, Amazon, iTunes

京都は伝統的なお寺で有名だけど、現代町のように忙しいだ。mojo boxというクラブは毎日パンクロックコンサートを出している。外国人にただでしょう。しかし、私が入った時、店員はうれしくなかったそうだ。。。乳ヨークのツーリストの感じだかなああ。。。


2.握り拳やdevil horns を作ってはいけない。怖いいそうだ。しかし、ガンはOKそうだ。

コンサートの後に、the twenties の歌集タカイリヨウは私の驚いてのは上手といった。みんなさん、日本のために祈ってください。

でも、the twenties に 踊るには簡単でしょ。まずに、タカイさんは無関心そうだった。壇場でくよくよして、くぐもった。もうすぐ、本当にすごいパンクロックshowをあげた。the twenties 中で、みんなさんは上手でした!コンサートのあとに、元気で、やさひかった。

次の東京へ行くとき、the twentiesのコンサートをさがしてください! 

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