Friday, November 14, 2014

Dead Volts -- We Are Already Dead

I am calling Charles Hale from Ninebullets out right here and right now. I'm mad that he didn't tell me about the Dead Volts earlier.

If you wish Two Cow Garage had a little more twang and a little less angst, may I present you the Dead Volts. They're current running a Kickstarter campaign to put their first full-length album out on vinyl. The album itself will be available for free digitally, but once you hear a few of these songs you'll definitely want to toss a few dollars into the hat.

These are definitely drinking songs. They have the raw intensity and passion that earns the highest regard on this blog. You won't regret helping these guys spread their music a little further.

The Dead Volts -- Official, Bandcamp, Kickstarter

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