Thursday, December 11, 2014

Anchor Bends -- All Out of Fireworks

You might not realize it, but Anchor Bends totally kicked your ass last year with their first four songs. And whether or not you figured it out, you've been begging for another beating.

 The Atlanta-based group brings a little twang to their punk, but their second EP is primarily punk rock. There's nothing wrong with that. Each song on here is a gem with a driving beat, the kind of plaintively beautiful melodies that only exist in pop punk, and incisive lyrics. Then there's "Brown Dogs," a country song in the spirit of pretty much any song about a dog. Why do dogs get the brunt of the country stick?

You can name your price for the album on Bandcamp, but Anchor Bends deserve your money and you deserve good karma.

Anchor Bends -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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