Friday, December 12, 2014

Cahalen Morrison and Country Hammer -- The Flower of Muscle Shoals

Cahalen Morrison has already established a name for himself as a purveyor of gorgeous folk music with his musical partner Eli West. This time, Morrison strikes out with his own with a full band. Just as he carefully recreated the feel of classic folk music, The Flower of Muscle Shoals breathes new life (perhaps it would be better to say "life anew") into classic country.

From an outsider's perspective, it feels like country can divide itself into two camps these days: mainstream country that is saccharine or defines country life as being willfully ignorant, and the sadsack music usually featured here that depicts rural living as meaningless drudgery. Morrison's careful observations of rural Tennessee, on the other hand, show pride of place without arrogance or idealization. It just seems like a nice place to live. But with lots of heartbreak, crying, and pedal steel.

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