Thursday, January 8, 2015

40 Watt Dreams -- After the Show AND Kory Quinn

I'm a little confused about this project's origins, but as near as I can make it out, Katie West of the folk rock duo Truckstop Honeymoon released her first solo album, 40 Watt Dream under the name Katie Euliss. The album was such a hit that West formed a band, the 40 Watt Dreams, to perform the songs live. Then they made After the Show, an album of new material. It's not surprising -- there's some serious chemistry here.

 Truckstop Honeymoon juuuust missed the cut-off of my reviewing them here. Katie and her husband, Mike, constantly tour with their kids. They make fun, sunny folk music that you should definitely check out, but Katie's solo material has a bite that caught my ear. Having cut her musical teeth in New Orleans and leaving as a result of Katrina, the songs on 40 Watt Dreams give a smoky punk finish to her silky country rock songs. The fuzzed guitars, wistful vocals, and meaty hooks call to mind the best of '90s alt-rock with the lyrical irony of the aughts. It's already one of my favorites of 2015.

ALSO -- keep scrolling for a crowdfunding alert from Kory Quinn

NB: To purchase the album, go to the band's site and click on "Listen and Buy" -- scroll down and you'll see a Paypal link.

40 Watt Dreams -- Official, Soundcloud, Facebook


Last but not least, Kory Quinn, a masterful adept at making quality old-timey music is stretching his legs and shooting to make a country western album. If the single is any indicator, he's totally going to crush it. But he needs some of our spare change to make it happen.

Kory Quinn -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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