Friday, January 30, 2015

Kings -- Bones

The tail end of 2014 was a cold-hearted bitch and I'm glad to see the last of her. But I got to end it on a high note. Karen and the Sorrows hosted a brilliant queer country holiday party and I got to learn about two new bands that I am now obsessed with. (PS -- If queer country parties sound fun to you, watch this space for an exciting announcement!)

One of those bands was Kings. The lineup seems to be undergoing a bit of a shuffle, but its two core members are Emily Bielagus and Steph Bishop. (One of them is a teacher -- we are obviously a very cool crowd.) Watching the two of them play is like a lesson in synchronicity. Their harmonies are beautiful and it's clear -- both in their live show and on this EP -- that they can't get enough of making music with each other. The joy doesn't come from their own satisfaction with their music. The act of sharing their connection with the rest of us mortals only draws us in further to their already intoxicating melodies and lyrics. You can enjoy Bones by dropping $5 on Bandcamp and it'll be a much better investment than your morning Starbucks.

Kings -- Official, Bandcamp

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