Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Music From Micah Schnabel and Two Cow Garage!

In case you haven't heard, Micah and Shane are getting ready to release solo albums in addition to a new Two Cow Garage album. All of these sounds will be released via the Internetz, so watch this space as well as their Facebook page and new Bandcamp page. Each song is for sale for a dollar. I guess you don't have to buy it but since you'll want to listen to them more than five times consecutively like me, you kind of do.

First up for discussion are Micah's new singles. As Wolf pointed out at Ninebullets, these have a much heavier sound than Two Cow songs. What's interesting to me is that Micah's vocals are distinct on all three new tracks. Also, his two solo songs read like prose that were fitted to music, whereas "Let the Boys Be Girls" is lyrically tight and punchy as any Two Cow song.

Once again, Micah proves his uncanny telepathic link to my own brain. It feels like Micah's Realizations About Life happen at roughly the same time I'm having them. On the other hand, "Bang! Bang! Bang!" address political issues that are near and dear to my heart -- the fallacies of illegal immigration and, of course, the normative ideas imposed on us by, as Micah so endearingly puts it, "old, rich, white men."

Wolf and I have had a running conversation about the importance of including the voices and experiences of non-straight-cis-white-men (they don't all have to be rich) in our music coverage and, more importantly, this "scene." As a queer lady under the age of 30, I often feel like the odd one out at Two Cow shows. This is going to sound a little weird but I teared up when I heard the line about "let the boys be girls" in the song of that title -- Two Cow Garage always articulates my feelings better than I can, but it felt so good for them to acknowledge this aspect of my life as well.

Also, one of the tags on the song is "if you label me you negate me" and another is "whatever" which is pretty badass.

So like I said, I guess you could wait for the album to drop to buy these songs. But wouldn't you rather listen to them as much as you want instead?

Two Cow Garage -- Bandcamp, Facebook

Micah Schnabel -- Bandcamp

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