Thursday, March 5, 2015

Honey and the 45s -- MAD

If the sassy blues riff and catchy harmonies on "MAD" don't pull you in to Honey and the 45s' new EP, nothing will.

The band effortlessly glides between jazz, soul, rock, and blues. This is easily the most fun album I've had the pleasure of reviewing for some time. The goal of the game is to get you off your tucchus -- you might not find much insight into the meaning of life here, but that's fine. There's lots of songs about dancing and the things that tend to follow dancing. Each song is executed with panache and swagger -- these guys are good, they know it, but they're not cocky. If I lived in Chicago I'd make it to their next concert ASAP. But since I don't, I guess I'll be rockin' in my room by myself. Or with a dance partner.

Honey and the 45s -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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